Badge Program

The USPC Achievement Badge Program was released with the intent to offer members at the D-level a sense of achievement in between ratings as they master different skill requirements.  The program offers ten badges in both horse management skills and riding skills. The horse management badges available Grooming, Feeding, Horse Parts, Tack, Shoeing, Health Care, Boots and Bandages, Leading, Tack and Turnout, and Stable Management. Another ten badges for riding skills are mount/dismount, balanced seat, walk, trot, diagonals, half seat/jumping position, canter, canter leads, jumping, riding in the open

It is up to the individual clubs/centers to devise a system for the awarding of badges. The aim of this program is to steer away from a “formal” atmosphere of testing and allow the members to express as much of their knowledge as possible in a hands-on manner (i.e., using a bridle to talk about its parts instead of pointing at a picture). Badges should be award in an enjoyable arrangement for both members and the instructors, allowing the members to confidently demonstrate the knowledge they have gained.

An Instructor’s booklet was created to outline the objective and goals for each badge. It also gives the page numbers of the USPC  Manual of Horsemanship, D Level, where discussion on particular goals can be found. Other helpful resources are listed as well.

A workbook for members is also available. It lists the objective for each goal and provides guidance on what knowledge will be needed to achieve each badge.

Instructor Booklets and Member Workbooks are available from the USPC Bookstore or are available to download by following these links:

As the badges are to be awarded through clubs and centers, badge purchases should be made by the club/center, not individual members.

You may place an order at



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