D-C Rating Forms

Below please find Checklists (previously known as Flowcharts), test sheets and Standards of Proficiency for each section of the D-1 through C-2. Please note that the written test study guides are useful, but there are no written tests at ratings. There are written tests at Quiz and Eventing rallies, and usually not at Games Rallies.

D Level Standards of Proficiency

C Level Standards of Proficiency

D Study Guide

C Study Guide

D1 Checklist


D2 Check Lists: Check List for D-2 Fences Check List for D-2 HM Check List for D2 Flat CL_D-2_Classic

D2 Test Sheets: D-2 Flat Test Sheet D-2 HM Test Sheet D-2 Over Fences Test Sheet D-2 Test Sheet

D3 Checklists: Check List D-3 Classic Check List D-3 Flat Check List D-3 HM Check List D-3 Overfences

D3 Test Sheets:D-3 FL Test Sheet D-3 HM Test Sheet D-3 OF Test Sheet D-3 Test Sheet

C1 Checklists: Check Lists C-1 Classic Check Lists_C-1_Flat Check Lists C-1 HM Check Lists C-1 OF

C1 Test Sheets: C-1 Flat Test Sheet C-1 HM Test Sheet C-1 OF Test Sheet C-1 Test Sheet

C2 Checklists: Check Lists for C-2 Classic Check Lists for C-2 Flat Check Lists for C-2 HM Check Lists for C-2 OF

C2 Test Sheets: C-2 Flat Test Sheet C-2 HM Test Sheet C-2 OF Test Sheet C-2 Test Sheet


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